Animal testing has always been controversial issue. Some people believe that governments should ban these practices completely. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Testing on animals is a practice that has been conducted for many years for various reasons. Whether governments should ban these applications or not is a controversial issue. Although I am not in favour of such testings, there are many reasons to be grateful for the results of this practice. The benefits mankind achieved so far are analysed in this essay. To begin with, animals that are used for laboratory exams have feelings, pain and discomfort. Clearly, they are used for the experiments to understand how they react for a particular substance. Because of the similar biological structure of humans, scientists and doctors will assess and conclude whether to use them on mankind. Consequently, animal kind has to undergo terrible pain. For instance, they are used for cosmetic products such as shampoos and lotions, though they are not essential for living. This way, we are suffering the other species for our pleasure. However, it is undeniable that great discoveries have been made through animal testing. A few pandemic diseases such as cholera and plague have been completely eradicated. Furthermore, immunizations today are saviours of our lives. Thanks to medical research, which has made it possible for us to have medicine that can prevent the spread of such serious illnesses. In most of the countries, governments made these vaccines available to common people in public hospitals to be given from birth. Due to this, many countries are leading peaceful lives. To conclude, animal testing is a controversial issue because it is immoral to make them suffer. However, I have to advocate considering the benefits that are available for the health and safety of humankind.
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