The government's investment in arts, music and theatre is a waste of money. Governments should invest these funds in public services instead. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

It is commonly believed that art is not an essential part of life, because of which, the investment made in this sector by the government should be diverted to enhance services for the citizens. I completely disagree with this statement owing to the increase in the country’s economy and fulfilment of the luxury needs of people due to the arts industry. The arts and music industry of a country is a source of income generation for the government besides being just an entertainment resource for the people. It also represents the culture and plays a pivotal part in increasing tourism which subsequently increases the economy of the country. China has shown a burgeoning rise in its economy in the past 10 years just by increasing the showcasing platforms of their cultural habitat, which resultantly has attracted more tourists and has ultimately increased tourism revenue. This is also a reason of China being in top 3 happiest nations of the world. Most of the people work tirelessly to cater to their basic needs in society. In return, they require a source of entertainment to relieve themselves from the mental stress. The arts and music industry tends to overcome this problem by providing multiple platforms where people can visit, have fun and relax. A recent survey conducted by The New York Times stated that 73% of the employees residing in countryside regions of the US intend to move in metropolitan areas due to scarcity of entertainment resources in their areas. This evidence shows the importance of platforms for the entertainment of the people. To conclude, cutting of arts industry and using that money for public welfare can affect the economy of the country by a lesser generation of income, and also affect the well-being of people owing to little to no resources for them to relax.
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