Some people work for the same organisation all their working life. Others think it is better to work for different organisations. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Over recent years, as the working life is continuously evolving, the job market needs to keep up its pace. This issue arises especially with the advent of "globalization", a term recently coined by the media to convey that, among all the things, one is now given the opportunity to get a job in a different country than the one they were born. This evolution then enables one to secure a new position way faster, since it is no more limited to one country and it has access to a greater number of job adverts. Firstly, I would discuss the view of keeping the place for your entire career. It could lead to some advantages. After a learning period, you could do your work quite easily, as you know how to manage every incident that comes up and every situation that happens. Therefore, as an example, working in the same company might allow you to have a regular life, with no hiccups, with the same old friends and without any major stress. Turning to the other side of the argument, changing work every two years has a great impact on your job profile. You can get exposed to different challenging environments and stimuli, and gain diverse skills. Additionally, accepting a position in a foreign country would be a fantastic experience, not only for your curriculum but also for your personal growth. As an example of that, I know of a friend of mine who moved to Japan, and the cultural shock helped him in appreciating other cultures and becoming more open-minded. To sum up, there are drawbacks and positive aspects of both of the views. I would say that depend on what are you searching for. Thus, I would prefer the second option for sure. Even though I would not have a stressless life, I will get some grateful experience from my personal and working life.
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