In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Undoubtedly, recent technological advancements have introduced numerous changes in our daily lives. One such noteworthy variation is observed in the field of communication as the entire sector has turned upside down significantly. As a result, in many workplaces, online mode of communication is becoming highly probable in lieu of conducting physical meetings. The aforementioned development has various advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, we will discuss both the above-mentioned aspects along with some supporting references. Firstly, virtual networking is indeed quicker because it only takes a few seconds to speak with anyone around the globe at any point in time. Secondly, the aforesaid medium also offers faster delivery as well as has a potential cost-saving capability. For example, a team in Germany can coordinate with their counterparts in the Phillippines via the internet without traversing overseas thus making the transition in an efficient manner. Among the plethora of services it already provides, another substantial observation is that during the recent time of Pandemic, almost 70-80% of the workforce was operating remotely, thus initiating a future-possibility for its extension. Nevertheless, certain barriers hinder the online mode of transmissions like lack of trust and expectation-setting. For instance, without meeting one’s business partner face-to-face will always lead to a deficiency of comprehending each other since the relation will be more machine-based than being inter-personal. Also, it often becomes difficult to perform training virtually because of the noticeable time-difference. Furthermore, the costs of high-level technical support, as well as recurring maintenance of the server, will observe an enormous spike as the inter-dependence on the network-based system will accelerate exponentially. However, these are certain challenges which will be resolved with regular updates over time. To summarize, I would like to emphasize that despite having certain barriers, the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks of online mode of communication. As the paramount concern of a majority of people is to get maximum tasks completed within stipulated duration, which is clearly offered by this gigantic shift in communicating style therefore making it customary is crucial.
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