Feedback and evaluation are necessary aspects of school and work, but many people dislike being evaluated. What are the causes of this problem? How could it be solved?

One of the crucial components of school and work is review and assessment which usually are not acceptable by many individuals. This is mainly because of low self-esteem and relationship in the family. There is a number of solutions which should be implemented through developing a strong personality. Firstly, a person might have not enough self-evaluation or even consider itself as an inferior creation. In other words, due to the lack of support, attention, and love from family and friends the underestimation might be observed. For example, the recent research showed that people who have low self-confidence usually hated feedback given by their colleagues. Secondly, parenting contributes in relation to estimation. In a family with only one child,it is widespread that adorable child being loved so much so any action he has done would be excellent. There are two effective solutions for better feedback perception. One way to tackle this problem is developing on the work-place special motivation sections. By doing this, employees would have an opportunity to learn how to evolve strength and evaluate themselves appropriately. Another reason to deal with the anger of being commented are responsible and wisdom parents. If they know when to pretend and price the child’s work and when it is better to say unpleasant true, then in the future this person would accept and listen to comments of others. To conclude, both people evaluation of themselves and praises in the family are the causes of individuals who dislike constructive opinion. It is significant to not over eliminate children labour and build centres for strong assurance.
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