Many people find it difficult to give speech or presentation in public. Some people suggest that schools should teach children to speak in public. How is it important to speak in public? Do youagree or disagree that school should teach at school.

Addressing a group of people often instil fear in the mind of some people. It may be suggested that in order to prepare students for a confident public talk schools should start motivating them from an early age. Firstly of all, students should be taught about the importance of interacting confidently in public. For the development of charisma , it is necessary to be presentable. The working people, who are not good at presentations, may not have an opportunity to enhance the career in the desired field. If a person is hesitant to make a point, he might lack behind others. Lack of confidence could sometimes lead to big problems in life. To tackle the problem, schools could consider including a class for personality development in the curriculum. Making the students practice speaking in public may help them overcome fear. Moreover, encouraging presentations and providing feedback at the end of each presentation might improve the charm to great extent. On the other hand, it may not be the sole responsibility of the educational institution to motivate students, as they spend a great deal of time with the family as well. Providing a carefree environment and avoiding pointing out mistakes in front of other people might be helpful for kids in getting rid of shyness. The encouragement by the family would help the adolescents to inherit bold behaviour. To aggregate, teaching the importance of presenting well, may motivate students to improve the performance in the desired fields and the schools could play a significant role in developing the person's identity . .
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