As a country develops, more people are able to purchase a car. Do you think that the positive for the individual outweigh the negatives for the environment?

Nowadays, the trend of buying a car increases by the passage of time. Every individual is purchase personal vehicle for travel instead of travel in public transport. Whereas, there are a plethora of good reasons for buying a personal vehicle. However, more vehicles are on the road more environmental pollution increases. I think buying a car has more benefits rather than their negative impact on the environment. On the one hand, there are lots of positive sides to purchase a car for travelling and other purposes. Nowadays, every individual wants to travel on their own transport because in public transport people do not feel comfortable and there is no privacy. For example, according to the survey of Toyota motors, usually, people do not prefer public transport when they with their families because they cannot enjoy the journey in those vehicles. On the other hand, the trend of buying a separate car for every individual in a family is a rise and this culture increase environment pollution in term of air and noise pollution. For instance, major transportation of world use fossil fuel and this fuel emit different types of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen which are directly affected to the ozone layer and as well as human health. However, the scientists are working on it and fix this problem very soon by launching electric and solar vehicles and that technology will eco-friendly and save the environment which is also cheaper than the traditional vehicles. To summarize, people buy a car and enjoy travelling in their own vehicles and take other advantages from it. However, there are some drawbacks which can be removed in future by technology development. I think the positive purchase a car is outweighed of their negative impact on the environment
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