Job satisfaction is more important than earning a high salary.

Job Satisfaction is more important than our salary. I partially agree with that idea. There are lots of advantages to job satisfaction. At the same time, there are lots of disadvantages, too. First of all, Everyone can have as a job what they want to be. If they don’t like their job, we feel unhappy ourselves. Eventually, they start to be exhausted. Because who doesn’t do what they like, or if they don’t contribute anything in their career, even they earn high amounts of money, they don’t want to work at all. On the other hand, If anyone has job satisfaction, they want to go to work happier and they would be more successful in their career. They can improve their project more efficiently. If they Don’t earn enough money, eventually they feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in our life. nowadays, unfortunately, Money is becoming the most important value in our life. Especially in Turkey, day by day, every item is getting more expensive. Even if we are not married, life is still expensive. If we marry and we had a child, life is getting harder, Although we have job satisfaction, We couldn’t be happy when we don’t make ends meet. When they Don't buy what their children and their spouse want, They will be disappointed about life. It will lead to them feel the invaluable person. Overall, Earning Money is important as much as our job satisfaction. In these situations, balance is really important. People never being happy without Money and job satisfaction. Nevertheless, some people can be happy wither Money or job satisfaction. It depends on people’s expectations.
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