Nowadays many people have access to computers and a large number of children enjoy playing video games. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games for children?

A common practice that a lot of young people do is entertaining themselves by playing video games.However, some parents are worried about their offspring because there is a wide range of disadvantages connected to this form of entertainment.In this essay, I am going to elaborate on some benefits and drawbacks of the given topic. To begin with, a possible advantage is related to the accumulation of knowledge and skills that can be used in the future. Even though computers are said to provide people with not enough important experience, a recently conducted research shows that people who play computer games are more likely to acquire strategical and creative thinking. For example, a youngster enjoying their pastime in front of the computer can practice a large number of games which develop various abilities. As a result, children can use those abilities in their prospective career. On the other hand, the main drawback is that kids tend to spend most of their time on the Internet , leaving no time for studying. Due to the huge problem of technology dependence, adolescents are diminishing their studies and overusing their devices.For instance, a child can easily become dependable on computers, since it uses it too much. Consequently, the offspring cannot study his lessons which eventually can lead to poor marks at school.Furthermore, adolescents should socialise in order to understand the world around them. Nevertheless, video games decrease a child's communication and social abilities. By doing this, children commence worrying, developing anxiety. To summarise, there are some benefits and disadvantages to this type of entertainment. Advantages are the skills a child can gather and the drawbacks are the decrease in the importance of studying as well as the reduction of communication.
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