People living in large cities today face many problems in their everyday life. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller regional towns?

It is true that modern individuals who live in metropolises are encountering several issues in recent years.
there will be undoubtedly some negative consequences of
phenomenon, I believe that the governments should not entice citizens to transfer to rural areas. As
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more people spend time
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living in downtowns, several related problems can be anticipated. The main issue is the degradation of mental health of these residents. To be more specific, due to the overpopulations in central areas, the job competitiveness will be increased dramatically,
employees are expected to work excessively in order to guarantee their careers as well as to make ends meet. As a long-term result, accumulated pressures might put workers at high risk of mental conditions
as stress and anxiety, which could decrease their productivities considerably.
, the more citizens live in large cities, the more private vehicles appear on roads, results in significant growth of
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fumes and pollutant.
For example
, lung cancer can
be resulted
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from the immoderate amount of carbon dioxide
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emitted from personal transportations.
On the other hand
, I believe that the administration should not encourage individuals
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mmigrate to
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ountryside for several reasons.
, relocating could hinder these people from promoting national wealth effectively. In facts,
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contain a large number of employees and companies which contribute to the economy substantially,
moving them to rural towns may cause difficulties in
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orking process.
For instance
of spending 10 minutes, workers in regional towns have to spend more than an hour to travel to the office, which may lead to the
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decrease in productivity as well as the raising the tension among these individuals.
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ountryside might not have adequate facilities compared to cities. As a consequence, it could be
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for parents in nurturing their offspring or offering sufficient resources to integrate into learning,
affects their children future development. In conclusion, while both mental and physical conditions are severe effects that might bring to city residents, I believe that the authorities should not promote immigration to regional towns.
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