Some believe that charitable organisations should help people no matter where they live. Others argue that charities should only help those living in the country where the charity is based. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is argued that charity groups assist only those who live within their national boundaries; meanwhile, others opine that they should provide their assistance in four corners of the world. From my perspective, I strongly agree with the
essay will provide some cases and examples to support my point of view. On the one hand, it is through by some people that charitable institutes ought to support residents dwelling in their own countries.
is because it is extremely to improve the whole development of each nation.
In other words
, the growth in the quality of life of poor community leads to less committed crimes.
For example
, a local charity called K creates a craft souvenir company for homeless people, which do not only supply financial income and
educate them about Vietnamese traditional values through their products.
On the other hand
, I would agree to suppose that charitable groups should bring their help to everyone worldwide.
means they can see the bigger picture of the global problems and
respond to those issues. No matter where they live, there are various ways to help what is necessảy for inhabitants in needed areas, especially during the covid-19 pandemic period.
For instance
, the number of medical facilities
as masks, gloves, and respiratory types of equipment from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, to China plays an important role in a closer national relationship between Asian countries. In conclusion, in my opinion, charitable organizations cannot concentrate only on their own native people, and more efforts and work should be put forward to help poverty-stricken nations to push the whole constant development of modern industrialization.

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