Do you agree or disagree with the following statements ? with the help of technology , students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly.

With the advent of technology, pupils are able to grasp and learn
more easily and instantly. In my opinion, I completely agree with
statement as youngsters are quite aware of the mode of resources and know-how to access available data.
of all, in light of the proliferation of globalisation, the Internet has made the distribution of
exclusively simple.Owing to the main reason, learning material is easily accessible and approachable within seconds through the various handheld devices
as mobile phones and these are significantly portable to carry around.
For example
, an increasing number of students use Google Chrome, Youtube, or Safari to complete their assignments. These sites provide detailed and accurate
about the topics.
, adolescents nowadays are highly dependent upon these sources due to their reliability.
In addition
, along with the subjective material,students can have in-depth
from the uploaded videos made by the various skilled mentors. These are the most comfortable platforms to share
and schoolchildren are very well aware of how to use it appropriately which enhance their
. Moving
, Teenagers can be aware of more
as it can be shared very feasibly among the masses through emails , text messages , downloading files and PDFs'.
In other words
is not restricted to a few people only due to various mediums of transport of
, they can share the files with each other.
For instance
, pupils at school share their work through the web and enhance their circle of
by sharing their new ideas. In conclusion, learners at school, university and colleges can have more
due to multiple technological gadgets which have made
process much more convenient

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