Some are of the opinion that people are naturally born as good leaders while others feel that leadership skills can be learned. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

day and age, more and more contemporary attention has been placed on whether becoming good leaders is due to innate talent or
is a result of persistence and the learning process. While I accept the former view is true on account of some reasons, I hold a firm belief that the latter view is more reasonable. On the one hand,
suppose that leadership skills should be considered as genetic personal traits because of several explanations.
of all, it is widely argued that a good leader should possess some characteristics
as intelligence and confidence. According to some researchers, these kinds of charisma cannot be achieved by practice but they are innate.
with good leadership skills can
be defined as those who are full of energy and optimism, motivating others to work better and gain higher efficiency.
can be exemplified by the case of President Barack Obama, who always inspires his staff
in particular
in the world in general through his optimistic attitudes.
On the other hand
, I am more convinced that the accumulation of knowledge and experience can be deemed as a distributing factor to become a good leader. To be more specific, thanks to rich life experiences as well as the wealth of expertise, many executive leaders in giant organizations can make wiser decisions and have better visions for the future. In fact, there are a huge number of
who used to work at entry-level jobs can become a manager or even a chief director of a company since their efforts to improve themselves on a daily basis and learn experience from surrounding
In other words
, facing challenges and overcoming failures can bring
many valuable lessons and determination to take higher responsibilities of managing other employees. In conclusion,
it is undeniable that innate talents can greatly contribute to a good leader, I still strongly support the view that ordinary
be good at leading a team or a business if they make serious attempts to enhance their knowledge and their skills.

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