Traffic congestion is a growing problem in many of the world’s major cities. Explain some possible reasons for this problem, and suggest some solutions.

Vehicles are qued in the road
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many times and it affects troubles in the significant urban areas of the universe.
essay will discuss the causes of these difficulties and
propose some initiatives for the welfare of nations. The main problem caused by traffic jam is the lack of proper planning of the road. More boulevards are not construction where it will be availed for the future using purposes. Planners imply the drawings but
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will not be lasting for many periods.
, these paths are getting shorter and narrow as the days passed. The possible solution is to fashion proper thinking so that it can be evaluated for the long future terms.
For instance
, the United States and the United Kingdom faced a problem of boulevard congestion for the
twenty decades and when they cast ideas of artery distribution policy, it was solved and within almost forty years there are no chances to pause any automobiles on the pathway.
, paths are dug sometimes for the construction of water, gas line etcetera.
, the boulevards lose their ductility and they cannot keep a strength.
, lack of holding any sustainability occurs as a superficial complication where it cannot be solved at that time. The possible solution steps of
trouble are to take an alternative way of sewage lines so that they cannot create any effect on the road users.
For example
, Singapore is that type of city where there was a frequent obstacle of highway reconstruction issues. They create a bypass system of gas, telephone lines etcetera and their boulevard is now frequent. In conclusion, traffic congestion is a serious problem all over the world. The possible solution is to fashion proper planning so that it could not create any trouble in the long run.
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