Many people work long hours, leaving very little time for leisure activities. Does this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages?

are working more and more, long hours at a stretch, without enough time to enjoy their life. I do believe
manner can prone to human’s well-being in which drawbacks far overweigh its benefits. To commence with,
working from dawn till dusk can meet the humans' materialistic needs in order to gain money, missing out the relationships, mental and physical health for those who have not break-time is considered as a crucial negative aspect. Imagine the person who is involving with a career and
cannot go on holidays with family or have dinner with a loved one,
for example
. What would happen? Conflicting with spouse and children might be its consequences. Equally important, working overtime can lead to burnout, mental and emotional exhaustion.
As a result
, the person loses motivation and innovation at the workplace.
, the more sedentary lifestyle
have, the more physical ailments they will confront. Obesity and diabetes are two main problems among employees who have a long-hour desk
. On the other side, though, gaining an overtime salary or progressing in a
are positive points for
who are sacrificing their well-being and relationships.
is to say, labourers work more and more without time-off to upgrade their position and become permanent employee,
for example
, he/she can gain much salary along with
security. In conclusion, since
work overtime to earning more money or reach their dream
, they might neglect the disadvantages of working over not enough time to doing interesting activities. I do believe losing relationship and wellness both mental and physical far overweigh the advantages.

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