Some people feel that global warming should be dealt with by governments. Others feel that it is responsibility of individuals in society to solve the problem. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

To reduce the increased temperature due to human's activities on earth must be halt with the contribution of the authorities.
notion is favoured by some part of the society, others have a counter-argument that to tackle
serious issue people have to take some actions. I personally believe that both have their own importance to stop global warming.
essay will demonstrate the role of government and
argue that public responsibilities towards it.
To begin
with, the uses of fossil fuels by the industries at large scale and exhaust fumes produce from huge uses of private means of transportation by the people could be halted when there will be solid law employed by the authority against overuse of these resources.
As a result
, to avoid any high penalty human will do fewer illegal activities.
For instance
, a survey conducted recently has revealed that 40% of pollution can be minimized globally if society follows the issued law and order with responsibility.
, by applying legal terms changes in climate can be stopped for the long term.
is an individual's responsibility as well to maintain the earth's climate. The major contribution of humans is that they must travel in public transportation rather than their own vehicles.
will decrease the level of exhaust fumes which are harmful to our atmosphere.
For example
, commuting by metro or buses not only helps to reduce the use of dangerous energy sources
as oil or gas but
solve the traffic congestion problem.
, the environmentally friendly demeanour assist to reduce the temperature of the earth's surface. To conclude, government's laws could bring major changes in society and following these laws as responsible citizens public could reduce global warming.
, in my ,opinion authorities and communities have to work simultaneously to solve
major issue and get back to nature.
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