The movements of people from the villages to the cities for work has caused a lots of problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

The Industrialisation of megapolis has led to an increase in the percentage of persons migrating from rural to urban areas in search of greener pastures. It has
led to serious problems
as overpopulation, but there are a number of solutions available to tackle it.
essay will discuss the causes of rural-urban migration and profer solutions to it. One negative effect of rural exodus is the overpopulation of the urban areas. As more people leave the villages to the municipalities, the proportion of people in the city increases and
population explosion occurs. Lagos State ,
for example
, has become the most populous State in Nigeria due to the high influx of people into the State, resulting in several environmental problems including air, land and noise pollution from industrial and human activities,
affecting health negatively.
, there is an increase in the rate of crime, as most urban dwellers are unemployed, a lot of them resort to illegal activities like as stealing and cybercrime.
, there are ways of tackling the situation.
, the government can make life better for those in the rural areas through provision of basic amenities like hospitals, schools, potable water and electricity, and
by making sure these are available for all, as it will help curtail the number of persons trying to leave their present locations in search for a better one.
, jobs should be created for all citizens, because, when everyone is engaged, it will drastically reduce criminal acts in the metropolis.
, individuals can learn a skill for themselves, so they can earn a living without support from the government. In conclusion,
problems of overpopulation and increase in crime rate are common in the city due to rural depopulation, the government can tackle these issues by creating a better environment for its citizens to thrive.

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