In many countries, the government prioritises economic growth above all other concerns. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Concentrating more resources on economic growth than other sectors
as health, study and the environment is rampant in some nations. The main benefits of
are more employment opportunities and a higher standard of living;
, the key drawbacks are more sick people and lesser quality of education. Spending all the energy of a state on the economy will help in job creation.
is because the building of institutions
as the judiciary will require more hands for it to be successful.
, the importance of economic growth will lead to a higher standard of living, which is the right of the citizens.
is because when people are earning salaries, they will be able to live comfortably and pay their bills.
For example
, during a particular regime in Nigeria, there were more personal home and vehicle owners than ever before, which shows that the people’s kind of life improved tremendously.
, if the states put more effort into the economic boom than other parts, the health of the population will suffer.
That is
to say that when more fund is diverted to the economy, will deprive the hospitals of getting the required equipment.
will mean that patients will not be able to receive the right treatment.
, education funding will be less if more of the country’s expenditure is moved to the financial sector.
is because there will be poor condition of lectures from the tutors if they are not well paid.
For instance
, the standard of learning in Nigeria starts dropping immediately the government neglects its responsibility. In conclusion, despite the fact that the people will be gainfully employed and their quality of activity will be improved;
, the poor state of individual’s well-being and low kind of life will be the consequence of neglecting other facets of life.
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