Some people believe that non academic subjects should be removed from the syllabus so that children can concentrate only on academics. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Subjects in the classroom course work are chosen meticulously so that they enlighten the students' learning process.
, non-educational domains receive a conflict welcome as the school of thought consider that it breaks the child's attention, whilst others deny it. I strongly contempt the former conviction and elucidate my point of view with suitable reasoning. To commence with my disagreement, I opine that non-curriculum subjects together with main subjects enhance the overall personality of the scholar.
fields benefit to gain self-esteem as well as modified their physique and cognitive abilities.
For instance
, making sports a vital part of the studies is a good approach in building pupil physically and mentally.
, games assist to focus better. It is truly said that a sound mind stays in a healthy body.
, if students developed physically,
they work determinately
in addition
to performing better academically. Probing ahead, extra disciplines which include moral and social value education are indispensable because they teach pupils how to live peacefully in a community and respect everyone.
For example
, nowadays numerous schools have introduced moral life subject in the curricula.
, education's main forte is to make amiable humans and not emotionless cramming robot. It would be the wrong step to barricade extra- domains that provide life skills. In conclusion, according to my perspective, school is a miniature society. Whatever an individual learns from the institution return to society.
, it is paramount to impart the right education even if it is achieved by adding unacademic fields.

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