Today, the sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

new millennium, profitable sales of desired customer products solely depend on the branding of the product which does not consider the direct requirements of the society.
, I agree with
notion, as buyers are greatly influenced by exaggerated commercials on social media, and they don't invest their money wisely in the inevitable needs. Social media influence is widespread in the case of motivating unwise and naive customers. Science most of the customers own smartphones and use Facebook, YouTube, and Food panda apps, drawing attention is much sophisticated.
, many individuals are heedless to judge the qualifications of a product.
, they purchase tools just by observing the reviews on pages or groups which are mostly counterfeit.
For example
, I have observed 20 duplicated features of a pooling rope on several Facebook pages.
, it is not surprising why marketers are constantly growing on various social media.
, many people are careless about expanding money based on proper obligations. While many people suffer from managing bread and butter, they still demand buying luxury goods that are brainless.
In addition
, these purchase has its responsibilities to be looked after which adds an extra barrier for them.
As a result
, they can never indulge in a happy life
they generate sufficient revenue.
For instance
, if a person from a middle-class family redeems a stupendously expensive car, he requires more money to monitor it.
ends up with appalling results for his cost management. In conclusion, advertisements can influence customers’ choice of popular merchandise irrespective of the needs of society.
can be solved by careful choice of expenses.

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