In some countries in Europe, some children from the age of 11 or 13 go to schools to learn more practical skills that will help them get a job. Other children stay in schools which provide a more general academic education. What should schools do to prepare students for the world of work? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

It is irrefutable that today's children are policymakers of the future. In few nations of Europe, some teenagers go to school to gain life experience so that they can easily get jobs once they finish their education. There are others, who learn in the
only and complete their elementary studies. The upcoming paragraphs will shed a light on the steps which should be taken by the
to groom their
for the real world of job. To commence with,
, the pupils should get the knowledge of
at the primary level itself.
In addition
, the teachers need to provide the practical functioning of the advanced technological devices so that they can think about these things from starting of their educational career.
For instance
, a survey recently conducted by BBC News has revealed that 80% of adolescents who had the idea of the
and the technical devices from their primary classes were able to get the jobs.
, It is essential and needs of hour to educate the
to our
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the very beginning.
, the principals of the
must ensure that the
are getting a life-like experience of the work in their respective
, they should include new curriculums like new skills, induction to cutting-edge technologies, and group activities.
For example
, the UK had implemented these changes in the
of London and the result is overwhelming with a 90% success rate of the
. In conclusion, If the
educate their
and provide life like the industrial experiences, children will do much better in their career as well as in their life.
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