There has been a dramatic growth in the number of people studying at universities in the last few decades. While some people see this as a positive trend which raises the general level of education within the community, others fear that it is lowering the quality of education. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the increase in student numbers at university?

Recently, education becomes significantly important in societies. It can be seen mostly in the universities throughout the world an increasing number of the people tend to attend there.
tendency is a subject
that is
both supported and refuted by many. Both sides of
argument will be analysed and a reasoned conclusion is drawn.
, it is felt by many increasing the universities population, would affect the quality of education.
, simultaneously cause high position work expectancy by the graduated people.
For example
, a survey took place by UQT in 2020 regarding the work expectation from new graduate students, shows about 80% of the students do not accept a work position which not required high qualification.
example shows clearly how people with high qualification do not like to have a normal job.
, having a long line of high qualification candidates unemployed, bringing a lower quality to the job market. On the other side, it is beneficial to have more students attending the educational institution in a community.
tendency would increase society understanding in general.
For instance
, about 80 per cent of the Iranian young generation are graduated from their academy.
generation now has a significant understanding of their country ,especially about the environment. ,
many environmental activists have been drawn from
, attending the academy provide with higher understanding to participate in a society's problems. In summary, the University attendance to get qualified could be a positive trend if it could not cause high-level task position expectation. It is expected in the near future government make a balance between educational institution attendance and career expectation.
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