You work for an international company. You have seen a advertisement for a training course which will be useful for your job. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter • Describe the training course you want to do • Explain what the company could do to help you • Say how the course will be useful to your job

Dear Sir or Madam I am writing to inform you about an online training program which I would like to attend . There are many mutual benefits included in
policy that I would like to explain in the following.
training procedure is about safety and fire rescue management. The institution where is holding
training is one of the well-known centres in
development only takes place once a year. As you know the cost of
kind of training is expensive and I can not afford it individually. I would appreciate it
Remove the comma

It appears that you have an unnecessary comma before the dependent clause marker if. Consider removing the comma.

show examples
if our company could accept to pay half of the plan cost.
In addition
, as I mentioned
course is online and I do not need to have any day offs except for the practical exam’s days. After achieving
training certificate, I would provide a credit to our company for the upcoming tenders.
, I will enhance my knowledge more in the safety subjects and will be ready for a higher position as a safety manager. I am looking forward to hearing your advice at your convenient response. My sincerely Russell
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