Some people say that economic development is necessary to reduce poverty in the world others say that economic growth should be stops as it damages the environment. Discuss both views.

Economic sustainability is the most demanding factor to minimize the problem of unemployment. People are divided on the basis of
viewpoint, some are in favour of
statement and others believe that it is totally detrimental to the ecosystem. In
essay , I will discuss both perspectives along with suitable examples.
To begin
with,those individuals who agree with
point gives their views as follows.
, the economic boom acts as a boon for those youngsters who are struggling for finding jobs, as we all know that
advancement needs manual task for its business growth.
For example
year , a mining project was set up in Uttar Pradesh and it generated thousands of work opportunities for people who did not have any small work for meeting both ends.
, improvement in the economy leads to the advent of many useful alternatives of valuable products
as fossil fuels that are present in scarcity. To exemplify, due to leap and bound progress in technology, makes it possible to run modes of transportation on electricity and it is very helpful to conserve a huge amount of coal , petrol and diesel for the upcoming generations.
, it provides immense benefits to human beings. On the opposite side , there are some negatives why some group of society think that financial development should be prohibited. The primary one is that it affects the environment because projects like thermal plants and refineries emit harmful gases into the atmosphere as well as in water,
not only the reason for global warming but
cause dangerous diseases like asthma and heart problems. The secondary one is that it may
harmful for marine habitat, as during sea mining there are the chances of leakage in between the process and sometimes
can be the reason for the blast.
For instance
, in the year 2015, there was a disaster in Das Island which is located in Abudhabi and around the geographical range of 100 kilometres , all the aquatic animals are affected and
polluted the pure liquid.Thence,
proved as lethal for mankind and for animals. To conclude,
progress in the economy is considered as an advantage for the whole world because it provides amenities and energy sources , it put an adverse impact on the atmosphere and on the lifestyle of dwellers.
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