Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organised and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

Keeping your surroundings neat and clean is a good exercise to keep yourself healthy. It is widely argued by some that maintaining neatness at home and work area is necessary. In my opinion, I agree with
, as it helps in keeping many dust-related health issues away.
To begin
with, the office and home are the most common places a person visits on a daily basis, and it helps in keeping bacteria away by maintaining
places clean.
, an untidy surrounding may create allergies that travel airways, which can be transferred to others in the vicinity creating an irritation.
irritants initiate sneeze and cough that can be considered a disturbance for colleagues.
For example
, during the covid crisis, it was mandated by all governments to sanitize offices in order to prevent the spread of
virus. Since the fungus is airborne, there are high chances for easy transfer from one body to another.
, many find it difficult to look for objects that are right in front of their eyes in an unstructured area.
, it is
best practice to keep places organized to find items easily.
arrangements aid in reflecting a person’s character professionally.
For instance
, arranging and managing objects in a household will in turn aid in carrying out the same practices in the corporate environment. In conclusion, structuring the area of work and home will help in maintaining clean surroundings as cases of flu, coughs and sneezes cannot be foreseen, but prevented by
refined methods.

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