Some people say it is important to keep our home and your workplace tidy,with everything organised and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

A number of people believe that it is vital to clean and put things in a correct place in their house and offices. I agree with
given statement and
article will discuss the benefits of maintaining a home and house.
, the main advantage of keeping the workplace clean is that people carried out their work efficiently and conveniently.
In other words
, a proper arrangement of the office helps to employers to take files and
will assist to save their time.
For instance
, in the job of professional lawyers, all the IPC files regarding law rules are arranged in a proper way in the storage room if they don't do that in their service, they face difficulty to solve their case and
they consume more time as the ambience is messy.
, tidying their workplace is an essential task for people.
, the residence is
important to clean as it helps to avoid habitation accidents. In other phrases, if the dwelling is not clean and neat and all the material is not in its place
, there is a high chance of a happening accident in the home.
, there are many dangerous items available at the residence especially, in the kitchen
as knife and what more and these things accidentally hurt the adults or even their children.
For example
, we all know that toddlers are always crawling on the floor and they put anything in their mouth so, if they put good night repellent accidentally in their mouth
will leads to serious illness or even they will die.
, organizing the home in a proper way is
vital. To conclude, I personally believe that community should maintain their dwelling and office as it will not just save their time but
society prevent themselves from accidents.
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