Many City Centres These Days Have Traffic Flow Problems, Causing Congestion And Pollution. One Solution Is To Build Fast Ring Roads On The Outskirts Of A City, Taking Traffic Away From The Centre. While This Is Helpful In Some Ways, It Also Causes new problems? To What extent do yo agree or disagree?

Urbanisation, industrialization and modernization are to be blamed for traffic and
a section of society accepts the construction of ring
as an effective solution.
on the other hand
, nature lovers completely reject
idea. I am
an ardent lover of natural beauty so consider
solution a weak tool to handle the above-mentioned issues. The first thing to consider is the loss of natural beauty. If ring
are to be made on the outskirts
definitely it would result in
Correct article usage
the cutting
show examples
down of a colossal number of trees and bushes. Trees are planted to curb
, there is no proof that constructing ring
leads to a reduction in air
, ring roadway travel will decrease the number of shoppers to the city malls
due to
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
For instance
, if earlier travelling to a mall took 30 minutes and now it has increased to an hour, I would try to shop online or somewhere
show examples
to save
Correct pronoun usage
show examples
, the construction of ring
requires huge capital and investment. So, it would be hard for the government to raise the funds by itself.
, either the taxes will be high or there will be inflation to cover the expenses. still, the ring route outside the urban areas does not guarantee a reduction in traffic jams and air
. Though building a ring route can be one of the possible solutions
Remove the conjunction
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is not the most effective one. pursuing and motivating people to use bicycles, public
Fix the agreement mistake
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, implementing an odd-even policy for cars and population control are some powerful ways to handle these issues.
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task response
Your essay addresses the prompt by presenting your opinion and supporting reasons. However, more focus is needed on fully addressing all aspects of the topic.
coherence and cohesion
Your essay has a clear overall structure with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Ensure that your ideas are logically linked and that each paragraph supports the overall argument.

Include an introduction and conclusion

A conclusion is essential for IELTS writing task 2. It is more important than most people realise. You will be penalised for missing a conclusion in your IELTS essay.

The easiest paragraph to write in an essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is because the paragraph mostly contains information that has already been presented in the essay – it is just the repetition of some information written in the introduction paragraph and supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion paragraph only has 3 sentences:

  • Summary
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Prediction or recommendation


To summarize, a robotic teacher does not have the necessary disciple to properly give instructions to students and actually works to retard the ability of a student to comprehend new lessons. Therefore, it is clear that the idea of running a classroom completely by a machine cannot be supported. After thorough analysis on this subject, it is predicted that the adverse effects of the debate over technology-driven teaching will always be greater than the positive effects, and because of this, classroom teachers will never be substituted for technology.

Start your conclusion with a linking phrase. Here are some examples:

  • In conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To summarize
  • Finally
  • In a nutshell
  • In general

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