Some people think that big international sporting events are not worthwhile for the host country. Do you agree or disagree?

A specific section of society believes that the Mega sports events are insubstantial for the nation
that is
conducting them. I completely agree with
statement and the following paragraphs will substantiate my opinion. There are numerous reasons behind the same.
To begin
with, the organizers will invest in the state of art infrastructure to cater for the needs of sportspersons across the globe.
, developing the nation with sophisticated facilities
as stadiums, parks, swimming pools that the natives can utilize after the completion of the event.
, watching these tournaments in real life will act as a source of inspiration to the budding athletes, and will motivate them to practice harder.
, the media coverage will provide global recognition to the organizing nation. By doing so, it will not only encourage tourism due to the influx of foreign fans during
time but
in the following years to come.
For instance
, my friends were not aware of Delhi, which is situated in the Northern part of India, until the time the Commonwealth Games were held in 2010.
, now they are planning to visit it to experience the culture and diversity.
In addition
, to meet the ever-growing demands of visitors, an abundance of employment opportunities are generated in the hospitality sector, including lodging, restaurants, transportation and hotels.
, boosting the overall economy of the country. To conclude, it is incorrect to consider that conducting an athletic championship is a futile exercise as it benefits both the citizens and society.
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