Consumer goods have become vital part of human lives. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Nowadays, consumer goods have gained significant importance in our lives. People these days seem to be more concerned with the kind of products they own.
has a multitude of benefits to the Community, but drawbacks are no less painful. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss both sides of
emerging trend. One of the primary advantages of consumerism is that it boosts the economy of a nation. The rising demand for physical goods will ultimately create new jobs in society.
For instance
, the Apple manufacturing facilities in China employ thousands of low-skilled or semi-skilled workers who would
struggle in poverty.
, consumer gadgets have made doing business much easier. The availability of smartphones and computers has started revolutionary business models
as Amazon and Flipkart, which are meant to connect consumers and businesses alike.
: The advent of materialism has bought with it certain downsides, though. The traditional values are generally being eroded as people strive to purchase more and more things.
For example
, according to a recent survey by the University of Toronto, people spend 65% less time with their elders than they did just five years ago after the invention of Facebook. Above all,
desire to have more and more products on the shelves has increased debt levels in society to dangerous levels. Repayments, bank interest rates and late payment penalties altogether put inevitable stress on an individual and negatively impact his health. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that
consumerism gives birth to robust economies around the world, it is
challenging the core structure of society. The time has come to understand what we are trading off for the sake of excessive consumerism.
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