In many countries, schoolchildren are required to wear school uniforms. What are the advantages and disadvantages of enforcing uniforms in schools?

The school-going pupils need to wear a dress code in most of the countries around the world. I believe that there can be various pros and cons of making uniforms compulsory at the institute.
essay will articulate some of the agreement and disagreement points of
situation in the forthcoming paragraphs.
To begin
with, the prime advantage of having a dress code at an academy is that it creates a feeling of equality.
For example
, students of various backgrounds come under the same roof and there is a possibility that a few of them might not be able to afford the branded clothes, which could initiate the behaviour of discrimination among the pupil. The academy dress not only helps students to inculcate the feeling of being equal but
generates other good habits
as discipline and co-operation.
, it helps pupils to concentrate more on their studies, as the youth is very fashionable these days, they might talk about clothes and fashions more often in schools which could divert them from studies.
, there can be various drawbacks of the aforementioned situation, the predominant one is it depicts one culture and due to globalisation the children of different cultures study in one place.
For instance
, it is difficult for some of the conservative cultures, to wear the modern school costume.
, it restricts the freedom of expression of students. How can a student learn the habit of being independent, when he/she cannot be allowed to choose his/her attire to wear?
, sometimes it increases the cases of bullying because school rivalry is present at many places and a uniform clearly defines that he/she belongs to that particular institute and becomes the victim of bullying. To sum up,
, nowadays most the school have their own attire to wear at academy premises;
, there can be a number of benefits and drawbacks to
situation. Both views have been discussed in
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