Study shows that many criminals have a low level education.For that reason, some people believe that the bast way to reduce crime is to educate people in prison, so that they can get a job when they leave prison. Do you agree or disagree?

One of the. Highly controversial issues today relates to education. The research illustrates that because of insufficient education, a lot of crime had occurred. For
matter, someone hopes that teachers teach subjects for the prisoner. After that, they are able to work in the company when they get out of jail. In my opinion, I agree with
statement. There is no doubt that they can get accustomed to normal life.
means that they can suit immediately. If they are not able to take part in public, they tend to crimes again.
, while they stay in jail and connect to the common, they do not lose their social position after leaving.
, they get certain skills
as programming in the
, they can get a job as soon as possible after getting out. As for
, they are possible to earn money and their life will be sufficient.
, their mental might be stable and they do not do wrong again.
, it is clear that they can solve the recent matter
that is
the luck of the teacher.
is because if they undergo to learn the subject in the
, they consider the other people do not a crime anymore and they would like to tell their students why the studying is necessary for us.
, they might respect their teachers because they are supportive and redirect to a good way of their life.
For example
, according to a Japanese fiction movie, the ex-prisoner become a good coach because he had experience learning in jail with the teacher. Some people might do after leaving
movie. As the result, they have the power to solve the latest problems. To sum up, I agree the education in the
can let a good way to lessen the crime rate because they can fit common place easily, they have money themselves, and they return their experience to their learner.
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