Nowadays, people buy more goods that are better advertised than products they actually need. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

While purchasing, customers’ choices are being gravely impacted by advertisements.
As a result
, the amount of bought products becomes far greater than those required items.
essay agrees that despite being a useful source of information about certain goods, individuals should shun the effects of adverts on their buying predilections.
can provide people with valuable information about the product they are in need of
as specific features, guarantee period, power, and price. Eventually,
empowers them to make a better selection among many available offers.
may seem very handy especially for people with a time shortage.
For instance
, thousands of mobile phone models are available in the market which makes a choice a very tough process.
, by simply exploring online advertisements only one can acquire sufficient data about almost all models, and later, he/she may make decisions in favour of a particular model. So, adverts support buyers to enhance their knowledge before doing actual purchasing.
On the other hand
, producers vastly harness the power of
to boost sales even though some products have obvious detrimental health effects. Through employing scientifically developed approaches they address certain socio-demographic groups like young boys and girls, mothers, the elderly, car owners trying to induce them to buy more. After searching for some spare parts for a vehicle online,
for example
, a car owner is massively attacked by enormous pop-up
which offer him many other products for the same auto model.
, those advertisements entice customers variously to think about a new purchase
that is
not demanded to be done now.
In addition
, the results of studies show that despite containing high fat or sugar some foodstuff is considerably consumed by persons owing to the power of adverts. Especially youngsters tend to try every product
that is
put on
without paying attention to its possible harmful effects on health. In conclusion, an advertisement is a powerful tool in hands of manufacturers, and they vastly utilize it to increase profit.
have some benefits for consumers people should minimize their impact on their purchasing propensity.
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