Helping each other, exchanging services with neighbors, has always existed. Today, with the Internet, mutual aid networks are developing in neighborhoods to offer various local services (large or small DIY, babysitting, cleaning, walking or pet-sitting, moving, lending objects: e.g. tools, kitchen appliances, etc.) What do you think of this exchange system? Would you be willing to ask or provide a service to strangers living in your neighborhood via the Internet?

Thanks to the advancement of the Internet, there are numerous initiatives that help to solve effectively our manifold needs in modern life. One of the most valuable ideas are exchanging services in a community of
essay will discuss its advantages and drawbacks
find out the solutions to improve it.
kind of network is constructed in the manner of platforms
as social media or websites, which connect society includes families who are living in the local area to help each other with daily activities from small to large, from babysitting, walking the dogs, cooking to lending objects,...
, exchanging services among the
certainly has various benefits like supporting the
to maintain good bonds together. They for sure have more time to meet and talk to each other than before because of their busy life.
In addition
, thanks to the help of other family, jobs could be done more easily and faster, which save an amount of time and money.
gives us a good opportunity to help someone
that is
in difficult situations
for instance
the elders who live alone or single moms in your own town. Despite the surge of the value of helping
, there are some drawbacks that exist. There are scammers who take advantage of
platform like stealing information from others and
use them to cheat people. To face these issues, there are appropriate solutions that can favour overcoming the arising problems. One possible way is to design well-structured websites that censor and manage the data systems. Another possible method is checking all of the information carefully before collaborating
as the photos, name, addresses,... and spend time to recheck in reality. To summarize,
essay reinstates that
good points of services between
-door community, there are still disadvantages but solutions are available too.
type of connection has unquestionably potential to develop and ,implement good management and rules that could progressively reduce the problems and help contribute to strong communities. With the sites that are reliable and appropriate cases, I surely give it a try.
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