Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. What problems can lack of sleep cause? What can be done about lack of sleep?

Nowadays, people complain about sleep-deprived nights.
in turn leads to headaches,
of concentration and irritation.
, it
affects reproductive health in women.
can be solved by keeping our routines strict and
involving in physical exercises. To commence with,
of rest tonight results in
of concentration at work.
As a result
, it results in headaches due to a
of rest.
For instance
, if a person does not have sleep at night he might not be able to perform well at his workplace.
directly impacts his mental health resulting in dangerous mental conditions like depression.
, women are prone to reproductive health issues when sleep deprived.
, to solve
a strict daily routine can be followed so that the biological clock is streamlined. It is said by the scientists that due to
of secretion of sleep hormones the person spends sleepless nights. The biological clock when set and streamlined will help in receiving proper sleep.
For example
, if a routine is followed for a week
the biological cycle ensures timely production of sleep hormones.
In addition
to that, including vigorous physical activities like playing in the day-to-day practices will help in sleeping tonight.
, doing some mental exercises like learning a new hobby results in a healthy mind.
avoids mental conditions like depression. To conclude, following a strict routine and indulging in physical exercises will lead to good night sleep.
will prevent the ill effects of sleeplessness.
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