Your neighbor has recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house/flat. Write a letter to your neighbor. In your letter: - explain the reasons for the noise - apologise - describe what action you will take. Write at least 150 words.

Dear Mr Smith, I am writing to apologize for the barking noise from my flat
week. My sister travelled to Canada
weekend and she asked me to take care of her puppy Josh for two weeks. As he is a newborn dog that lives in a calm town, I believe he is not used to the amount of sound produced by a bigger city like New York. Despite it, Josh
might be missing my sister, since he just started recognizing her voice and mine is completely different from hers.
, I would like to give you my
Change the adverb

It appears that the adverb sincerely is attempting to modify the noun apologies. Consider replacing the adverb with an adjective.

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apologies for
matter, even though it is a temporary situation. I can completely understand your complaint. Due to the recently annoying, I would like to offer you and your wife free tickets to watch the
baseball game that will be played at the city's stadium, located downtown.
, I promise I will be giving the dog some threats in order to make him stop barking all the time. I very much appreciate your understanding. Best regards, Anna
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