You have been invited to attend an interview for a place studying a course in a college. Unfortunately, because of a previous appointment, you cannot come at the time they wish. Write a letter to the admissions tutor: explain your position apologise and offer to come on another day or later the same day. ask how long the interview will be and whether there will be any tests during it. You should write at least 150 words.

Dear sir/madam, I would like to inform you that I am unable to attend an
because of my previous appointment with my family doctor so, I want to request you to change the schedule of my meeting.
, I told you I have already an appointment with my family doctor. It is a regular check-up which was decided 2 weeks later. So, it looks unprofessional if I miss that. Well, I apologize for not reaching there giving time but I hope you understand my situation and I want to change my
time and date,and it would be very apperceptive . At
, I want to know about the requirements of the
, either it would be only
questions or it will have theoretical questions and please let me know the time taken by in that
. I hope you respond as soon as possible to my letter. Yours faithfully, Deep
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