Few people devote time to hobbies nowadays. Say why you think this is the case and what effect this has on the individual and society in general. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays people can allocate some
for their hobbies. We will discuss
topic and why there is an increase in numbers?
affects individuals as well as society. There was an age where people can't spend their
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other than jobs and children's upbringing.,
in recent ,
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there is a notable change in everybody's life. An individual person taking a break from their day-to-day routine to enjoy their leisure
because of, I reckon, a Nuclear family with a maximum of one or two children. Working parents
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will well be paying jobs, they can afford a maid and supporting amenities
as washing machine, vacuum cleaner which leaves allows them to have their own
For example
, my mom lived in the joined family, she used to wake up early in the morning, prepare meals , send kids to school, tuition them in the evening and
the rest of will be the task of preparing things for tomorrow.
, take care of their in-laws and other family members.
never allowed her any own space. For a single person - it allows taking the benefit of enjoying their own space. In their free
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they indent to do some hobbies like, gardening, pottering, etc.. these are the activities worked as stress busters which help them to have a relaxing
, focus on things and so on. For society - the small workshops have been increasing and the number of self-employment too.
For instance
, a nuclear family mother did less work and which gave her some
for gardening. To support her hobbies she is attending workshops and purchasing necessary things from plant shops,
eventually, created many small institutions and tripling plant shops. To conclude, individuals are benefited from the nuclear family structure which allowed them to utilize their leisure
to reduce their stress,
in addition
to that,
effect has a great impact on the growth of self-employment in our society.
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