The prevention of health problems and illness is more important than treatment and medicine. Government funding should reflect this. To what extent do you agree?

Government should fund some projects about preventing health problems because it is more crucial than treating by drugs. In my opinion, I totally agree that the fund of government should be allocated to the prevention of illness.
, both sides along with my perspectives linked to the topic will be outlined in the following paragraphs. There are various arguments in favour of treating patients by using medicine and treatment. The most important one is that they spend less time to cure in the medical process. It is undeniable that most people have unhealthy habits that led to some diseases, including obey, heart attack and countless other types of disease.
, if patients have some severe symptom, they tend to be cured by doctors who used innovative technology about healthcare at hospitals.
For example
, hardly any people do not like to have dessert, and by consuming too much sugar they have a chance to be diabetes, resulting in curing by doctors. There are,
, a host of arguments supporting alleviating the root problem of energy.
and foremost, one significant counterargument is the sustainability of an individual's overall well-being. Without a doubt, the government should encourage almost all people to have a high level of fitness by focusing on selecting healthy food or exercising every day. Without sickness or illness, they tend to have a higher performance in their personal and professional lives.
most healthy nations are more likely to give their hands to other unhealthy nations and have happy growth.
For instance
, those who have a high fitness level can do many activities in their lives. To sum up, even though there are many reasons supporting treatment and drugs, I am of the opinion that mitigating the root causes of health problems is more important. If families have healthy lives, it is more likely that the countries can move forward.
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