Your mentor recommended you to learn a new language and gave you contact details of a teacher. Following his advice, you need to write a letter to the teacher and say: • What is your motivation to learn a new language • How can the teacher help you • When you will be ready to start

Dear Mrs Parkinson, I am writing to request your association to learn the Chinese language. In fact, my work manager suggest your name as a professional and well-known teacher in several nations, and I am in need of your help to accomplish
required task. Primary, I am very interested to gain a new language in order to ameliorate my communication skills in my work, by which I am requested to contact new Chinese clients.
urgent mission will afford me a work promotion that will have numerous positive repercussions on my future career. I would kindly request your help to learn
difficult speech through multiple private courses.
, I prefer to take primary classes that introduce me the alphabetical letters and their pronunciation. After that, I need specialized speaking courses to start communicating with people. Actually, I would prefer to start the lessons
week if you are available because I am in hurry to learn the Chinese talk. I will be glad if you accept my request and be my private teacher because I am sure that I will gain an advanced level of speech. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Sincerely yours, China Tarhini
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