Many goverments think that economic progress is their most important goal,however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Development is a prime responsibility of every government.Some of them believe that increasing their economy is their
preference .At the same time, a few of them says that authorities should consider other aspects of progress equally.In
essay,I will look at both views and give my opinion. On the one hand,economic growth plays a great role in eradicating poverty.
That is
,poverty is one of the prime challenges some countries are facing today if power has enough funds to feed the poor public.Automatically,
will help the number of people starving due to lack of money.
For example
,In India governments are giving enough ration food to the poor communities for free.
,Economic developments will enlarge the job opportunities .The growth of a nation's economy tends other foreign companies to invest or start a business there.
As a result
, there will be a massive number of vacancies in industrial sectors.
economic progress is a vital element in vanishing starving and job scarcity.
In addition
,authorities should
give equal importance to environmental development.A large number of natural resources are vanishing today because of human malpractices. So the state should invest in conserving natural resources and developing an eco-friendly nature in future.
For example
,In collaborating with the Indian authority , the leading automobile industry in India called TATA spent a few portions of its profit on planting trees and plants on highways and parks. In conclusion,I agree that prime importance should be given to the economic progress of the country to eliminate poverty and related issues.
, other aspects like environmental development
need more consideration.
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