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I agree with this statement because the economy is one component of the country’s development. There are so many things that we can use for the development of the country, for example, culture, education, transportation, health, and sanitary facilities, are the other paths that we used to develop an economy.
It is considered by some authorities that growth in the economy of the nation is most essential task which should be achieved. While, other experts argued that other progress, such as environmental, safety also play an important role in a developed country. I opine that both contribute an equal portion of their benefits.
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Many people believe that all governments can care about is economic development and everything that is related to economic growth. And governments do not consider other types of progress as important as economic progress. However, to me, economic progress is a major factor, though there are some other kinds of progress that a government should take into account too.
Nowadays, many countries beleive that the economic cosidered to be a cornerstone for the government. However, Other people may claim that there are other aspect much important than the financial part. In my opinion, I personally believe that raising the economy in the country is essential to offer lots of service seeking the future life.
Economic growth plays an integral role in developing nations. However, while some believe that economic progress is deemed to be extremely imperative for the government of the country, I agree with those who hold the opinion that other sought of progress are also equally matters to the country’s growth.
In the modern world, there has been an increasing number of national authorities making great efforts to make their country a better place to live. While several governments think that the improvement in the domestic economy should be the top goal, I believe that progresses in other areas such as healthcare and education play a crucial role for a nation as well.
Opinions differ as to whether the national development of economy is the target of paramount importance. While some people are in all agreement with this statement, others assert that there remain more key areas that are also indispensable for the country’s sake. These both sides of the issue will be discussed as follow and I would like to suggest my own viewpoint.
People have different views about how governments should measure their country’s progress. While economic progress is essential, I agree with those people who think that other types are equal in importance.
The process of improving socio-economic and living standards of people is measured in terms of progress of a country. In my opinion, there are many factors which contributed to the overall development of any country including economic progress. (38)
The process of improving socioeconomic and living standards of people is measured in terms of progress of a country. In my opinion, there are many factors which contributed to the overall development of any country including economic progress. (38)
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While economic growth is at the heart of the manifesto of some governments, many regular people as well as statesmen cast serious doubt on this stance saying that other types of progress are just the significant.
Nowadays, economy has been taken the important role of the progression of each country. Someone claims that other kinds are as same essential as recession for push countries forward. I completely agree that money is used to propel nations trading to develop various segments of countries which I will explain in this essay.
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Recommendations differ as to the economic progress of a nation is the target of paramount importance. While few people agreed with this statement, others, however, opposed that there are more sectors that are vital for the country's sake. These both sides of the topic will be addressed as follows and I would like to suggest my own points of view.
Economic development has been cited as one of the most integral parts of both developed and less affluent countries to indicate a country’s power in the globe. However, while it is argued that economic progress is an essential goal for a country, I am in favour of the equal role of other sectors.
Economy, the most important goal of many governments, is usually considered as the symbol of a homey. However, some people argue that other types of growth, such as education and health are equally crucial to a rustic. In my opinion, economic advance is the most important aspect of a government, which affects the progress of other aspects. Therefore, the following essay will discuss both of the views and conclude by giving my own opinion.
It is true that economic growth have atmost importance for any country. While I tend towards the viewpoint that economic growth should be given priority, I would also support other development.
Economic growth is considered a major index for measuring improvement, therefore it's always a priority for the government. Some believe that a first world country is differentiated from a third world nation based on its GDP, which is another technique of evaluating economic rise. However, I contend other factors like environmental protection, education and social conditions are equally important for the advancement of a nation.
The discussion about whether the prime aim is economic development or the importance of other kinds of improvement is equal for a country raises a thorny question in today's complex society. Although it can be argued that all sorts of progress are crucial for a nation, I strongly believe that economy has to come first.
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Economic growth is the most essential aspect for every nation. Therefore, many nations believe that economic progress is the primary objective, others think that education, a good environment, and safety, are equally vital for a union. However, in this essay discusses both viewpoints, I strongly agree with the former opinion for the following reasons.
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