Social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst all age groups. However, sharing personal information on social media websites does have risks, discuss both Views

is gaining popularity across all age groups with each passing day ,
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giving personal details might have its own risk and rewards which will be discussed in the below essay.
and foremost, social
is famously called the
eye of society which depicts the happening of a person on day to day basis. Since there is no regulation on usage, it is up to the individual to the extent of the information he or she can share ,
experts advise caution, as there are risks involved. Personal information like photos videos could be downloaded by anyone and might be used for illegal purposes leg photo morphing,
one must ensure the settings are enabled
that anonymous persons will not be able to view or download them.
, social
companies should focus on setting up automated checks to identify and delete fake profiles proactively.
On the other hand
, few people may argue that social
pause threat to society and should be banned,
, there are advantages too. During floods and natural disasters like
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it plays an important role in connecting the people during distress. Social
provide a platform to collaborate ,
for instance
, Facebook played a crucial role to identify and supplying food for stranded people during floods. To summarize, any product associated with the Internet not only poses certain risks but
some rewards. It is the responsibility of government companies to regulate risks and maximize benefits to maintain peace and harmony in society.
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