In today's competitive word,many families find it necessary for both parents go out to work.While some say the children in these families benefit from the additional income,others feel they lack support because of their parents absence. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

era of a competitive world,many households find it necessary for
couples to seek employment.while some people said that the offsprings in these families gain from an increase in income, others hold the perspective that they have limited care due to the unavailability of the parents.
essay will discuss
sides of view but in my opinion,I agreed that it is important for
father and mother to go to
simultaneously. On one hand,there are several rationales why parents should put effort together.
,it helps to relieve stress on
parties;Simply put,when
parties tend to toil for a living together,the responsibilities in the family will be shared making them not feel the workload in the family.
,it boosts the financial stability in that family;
that is
to say that the family tends to have more funds that can be used for the upbringing of the children, and for future investments.
,it brings about mutual respect in the lineage,
among the partners, because when one person is financing the welfare of the family,the other party will be seeing the other as a burden or as a liability. For example, research conducted in Nigeria
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showed that 98% of husbands and wife's that
cooperatively have longevity life due to a reduction of physical stress,and I strongly agreed with the notion.Overall,it is paramount for the parties to be in the labour market because of burden minimization and
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income stability.
On the other hand
,some said that if partners
cooperatively,it brings about a shortage of support, because of the unavailability of the caregivers.In truth ,it makes the kids a nuisance to society;In a clearer view,due to the lack of a good parental upbringing,the children tend to deviate and start living an unpleasant life, because the custodian that will caution them were nowhere to be found.
,it divides the institution called family, because everybody will start doing the way that pleases him or her.To illustrates, Researchers have revealed that 99% of the character children exhibit in society depends on the couple.
,no matter the
schedule,caregivers should try and create time for their offspring. In conclusion,I strongly believe that it is paramount for caretakers to toil at the same time,in the sense that it brings about a reduction in pressure, mutual honour and dignity and promotes the standard of revenue in the family.
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