Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality high school students should be encouraged to question and offer criticism on their teachers. Others think this will you lead to a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

It is believed by some that learners should be taught to raise their concerns and criticize
learning in order to upgrade the educational system.
,others find it an undesirable and negative move, as it may cause disrespect
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teachers and indiscipline in the classroom. Even though asking doubts without hesitation can somewhere prove troublesome, I completely loud its
advantages and favour it. On the one hand, the freedom of clearing the questions of scholars sometimes creates undue disturbance and distraction in the study room.
is because, lobbies of non-serious students are more likely to put unimportant queries for the sake of creating humour, as they are aware that their educators are bound to respond.
Above all
, chances are greater that they can
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wrong allegations
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their educators for not satisfying their doubts if they have had any record of punishment. One
case surfaced in Calcutta when,
according to
FIR,our teacher committed suicide as he was harassed and disrespected by his learners for not being capable of using a smart class screen.
On the other hand
, I feel that questioning is the basic right of education. Undoubtedly, when anyone learns something, he is more likely to be sceptical about certain facts which can only be eradicated by asking more and more.
, suffice to say, being vocal during class time bills confidence which
leads to success.
, interrogation helps strengthen the bond between
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and tutors. Since students' involvement motivates the lecturer to go beyond their limitations, it proves that the speaker is being heard and understood. So, in a way, in order to build a healthy relationship, learners ought to be liberal in
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studying time. In conclusion, despite having some chances of arguments and negativity in the classroom, scholars should be free to reveal their problems in front of their tutors
due to
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the fact
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that it gives them the opportunity to learn profoundly and boosts their self-esteem.
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