You have seen an advertisement for a community college that needs teachers for night classes. Write a letter to the community college. In your letter: say which advertisement you are answering describe which course(s) you want to teach, and what it/they would be about explain why you would be a suitable teacher

Dear Sir/Madam, During the time I was browsing for night classes teacher and I found
opportunity on the net and
Change the capitalization

The pronoun I should always be capitalized.

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would like to apply for
, I have gained a master's degree from UBC university in the field of Math, Science and English and
I have got five years of experience as a teacher in one of the best Canadian universities.
, soon after my master's, degree I got training on how to teach complex students along with a few teaching technical methods which can help students to understand the topic easily.
, I started my career as a faculty and explored all the ways in the field of Maths and sciences,
I would strongly say that I am a master in these two subjects. On the other ,hand I am very flexible and able to adapt to any kind of situation immediately. I hope I am suitable for
given position and I would be happy to provide any other information
Correct pronoun usage
that is

It seems that there is a pronoun problem here.

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Unnecessary verb

The verb is appears to be unnecessary here.

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required and looking for your update. I have enclosed my phone number and address in my application please feel free to drop a note if there is any update on my request letter. Yours Faithfully, Ricky.
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