Task 1 You want to arrange a conference for your company, and you need to ask one of your colleagues to give a presentation in this conference. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter include: Details about the conference Why you want your colleague to give presentation What arrangement will you do for this conference

Dear John, Hope you are well. I'd like to organize a conference in our company to share experience and help the newcomers to adapt faster by picking up the relevant information. It takes place on Friday, June, 28th, in the main hall; we expect some guest speakers and the CEO to say a few words. It could
be helpful for more mature employees to get a chance to test their public speaking skills so they don't get too rusty. On
note, I would be very happy if you were a speaker at one of the sessions. You are so great at presenting, masterfully holding people's attention and delivering your ideas in a conscious but entertaining way. I think the visitors would be grateful if you shared some wisdom and your vast experience with them. As gratitude for your efforts, I would be honoured to book you a separate conference room to prepare and rehearse your speech. I will be ordering some catering with tasty snacks and non-alcoholic beverages in the lobby. Hope to see you soon. Best Regards, Vladimir Panchenko.
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