Your friend was supposed to visit you soon, but due to some personal problems you can’t meet him / her on the specified date. Write a letter to him or her explaining the situation. In your letter, you have to: – Apologise to your friend. – Explain why it’s not possible to meet now. – Suggest an alternative date for the meeting.

Dear Dave, It was astonishing news that you are coming to visit me. It's been a long time since we met
, I am afraid to say that it seems impossible to see you according to your schedule. But, I can make it happen, including giving you a ride from the airport and your stay at my flat, if you could manage your visit to move later one week. As you know, things nowadays are becoming more difficult.
As a result
, I have to work desperately to cover all the expenses, and most of my time is fully scheduled at work.
That is
one of the reasons why I could not see you if you coming very soon. I was wondering if you could rearrange your plan to the mid of May. Since I need to apply for leaves at my work in advance, I will appreciate it if you could understand me well. Please don't get me wrong that I don't want to welcome you. I hope you can understand my situation. Best wishes, Tun Naung Win
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