You recently organized an all-day meeting for your company, which took place in a local hotel. In their feedback, participants at the meeting said they liked the hotel, but they were unhappy about the food served for lunch. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel. In your letter • Say what the participant liked about the hotel. • Explain why they were unhappy about the hotel. • Suggest what the manager should do to improve the food in the future.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter to share the experience all participants had during an all-day meeting which I arranged for my company at your hotel. We conducted a feedback survey in order to know the experience participants had, we found that they all loved the hotel.
, they expressed their dissatisfaction with the
served during the meeting. All attendees had a great experience. They admired the courteous behaviour of your staff.
In addition
, they praised the cleanliness of the hotel, especially of restrooms. Sadly, most of the participants were disappointed by the
quality because they found it way more spicy and oily. Some of them even experienced respiratory problems after having lunch.
, they told that vegetarian options were not enough. I would like to suggest improving the quality of
by adding more varieties related to vegetarian dishes.
, the spiciness of
can be kept at a minimum level and customised as per the customer's need. Thanks in advance for your support. Yours sincerely, Gurpreet Kaur
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