Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. however, the others believe that school is the place to learn this.Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many folks believe that family should teach
how to be social trust, while others say that school is to learn
institutes have a vital role in their education, I believe that parents have the authority to ensure offspring have a good attitude in society. In
paper, I will discuss both points of view and give conclude the argument. On the one hand, school is one of the most popular places to give knowledge to
. It is not only about academic learning
as maths, biology or physic but
non-academic material like attitude or discipline.
, schools have limited teachers.
As a result
, they can not teach and control optimally each child.
For instance
, in a class,there are twenty students and one supervision-teacher, so the lecturer can find it difficult to control each child in the class.
On the other hand
, the family is the
person in the scion's life. Every child has an emotional relationship with their relatives.
is because they
find their relatives when they feel happy or sad.
, the family is more closely to the offspring, so they can education easily on how to be good members of society.
For example
, almost every day parents meet their
either in the morning or evening, and every time their meet can be used to ensure the offspring's attitude.
In addition
, the family have more power to enforce the scion to become socially responsible.
is because the scion has respect for their relatives, so they will follow a rule of their family. In conclusion,
, the academy has an essential role in offspring's education, I believe that the family have a duty to ensure
have a social obligation.
is because parents are closer and have more power than the academy or teachers.
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