Some think that climate change reforms will negatively affect business. Others feel they are an opportunity for businesses. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

is arguable whether increasing the unfavourable effects of climate change could be a chance for some trades or not. while knowing that some organizations may be beneficiaries of destroying the natural habitat and ecosystem, I think most
and especially industries will be affected by
negative phenomenon. On the one hand, without any doubt, some
and stakeholders are seeking for providing solutions to solving some serious issues with regard to the global warming, mass deforestation, critically endangered species, soil erosion, water contamination and etc, which are produced
as a result
of global warming and climate change. They may be either profit or non-profit organizations;
have a common goal, preserving the ecosystem.
For example
, three years ago, a french company capitalized on removing a vast amount of contamination in the Karoon River. Even though it gained a lot of money from the state as a contractor, did not could overcome the problem.
On the other hand
is irrefutable that industrial
are definitely affected by the gradual changes in nature.
, many non-renewable sources of energy are threatened by
as water, soil and air which could be used in many fields from producing electricity for homes and factories to agricultural purposes and etc. A great example of
negative point is farming plants that
year lost their harvests, for the bad weather conditions in Ahwaz. Many crops were eradicated by a wide drought, so they went bankrupt. In conclusion, despite some ideas about the benefits of climate change for business, I would say there is no doubt that all individuals and
will lose out in the long run.
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